New part of Bree under construction

2023, oct 29 19:55
Brcked MiddleEarth
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New part of Bree under construction

As announced, I would like to present another part of the city of Bree, which I am currently working on and in the process of building.

Further part of article

The next part of the Bree town will be a marketplace with two small buildings opposite to each other, and a passage with stalls between them. This is again an idea inspired by LOTRO and it can be quite interesting.

I want to design the entire interior of the buildings, including the cellar, ground floor and second floor. Both buildings will be owned by vendors offering their products outside. The buildings are finished in the Studio, I am currently creating instructions. There will be building process after and a lot of corrections along the way as usual :)
I've also started doing another part even that will be directly behind the marketplace along the passage way. If that wasn't enough, I also had another very cool idea in my head concerning completely different part of Middle-Earth and I've been working on it for a few days, but more on that later :)

Brcked MiddleEarth
LOTRO Marketplace

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