Buildings on marketplace

2023, nov 4 14:23
Brcked MiddleEarth
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Buildings on marketplace

Creating an interior for each building and stairs can be time-consuming, although still think its worth the effort.

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Brcked MiddleEarth
First floor in building of vendor selling food

The vendor has a place to sell food inside the building as well, despite of tent outside. Several shelves for jars and other things. In the middle, there is a chimney, like in every house in Bree. The fire is still in the classic red and yellow style that I want to keep here. A torch next to it is in classic style also. I don't even think it looks bad. However, write what you think about it in the comment :)
Brcked MiddleEarth
First floor in building of vendor selling tools
The first floor of the second vendor does not have a specific space for sales inside the building. A small table, a fish on the wall and a fireplace are of course also present here. On the next floors, I think I will make sleeping places for both vendors. Well, that's all the short info for today. Farewell.
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